Auto Sales Training

Considering that 8 out of 10 clients on your lot want to buy a vehicle the same day, you want to be the auto salesperson that decides to sell it to them. Getting, keeping and closing the sale are your goals. SO here are a few tips to help you hone those skills.

Tip #1 Get To Know Your Client

Asking the right questions can make or break the relationship you are trying to build with your customer. Salespersons that stand around with other salespersons and are unavailable to customers never make the sales. Look at your top earner: does he or she stand around with no contact with clients? In order to get their trust and their sale, you have to have a line of communication open. Ask about who the vehicle is for, what business they are in, and if the car will be used for business or pleasure. This will not only help you find out about qualifying information such as credit and price ranges, but will help you to guide the client to the car they want.

Tip #2 Auto Sales Books

There are many books available such as manuals and inventory sheets at your lot. These can be used to help you learn the inventory, as well as the options on each type of vehicle. If a customer asks you what type of car will get the best gas mileage, you don’t want to stand there with your mouth hanging open, so have an answer. Look over the information and get some hands on experience. This will give you the opportunity to practice your presentation and demonstration of the options as well.

Tip #3 Auto Salesperson Secrets

Many of the salespersons at your company will give you ideas and tips on how to do your job. But remember that this is your job, and you have to come up with your own way of feeling comfortable and making the sale. Make sure to keep your client comfortable and always guide the conversation. If you let the client guide the conversation, you may end up with more objections than you can overcome. Answer all the questions you can, and be honest. Clients make your pay, so don’t ignore their concerns or they will walk away.

Tip #4 Wrapping It Up

Clients normally voice objections during the closing of the sale. You may hear that the spouse needs to be involved or the price is too high to afford. Offer the use of your office phone to contact the spouse, and if the price is too high, there are other vehicles that have fewer options available for a lesser cost. Give the customer no reason to leave; because once they are gone, the sale is too.

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