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Choose the Right Automotive Leads Services

The automobile industry being extremely competitive made it necessary for car dealers to implement strategies to grow and survive. One such widely used method is generating leads, and converting prospects into customers. However, all this is not that simple. In simple words, automotive leads generation is all about maximizing the number of prospective customers who show interest in specific car models.

Information pertaining to customers is acquired on the web, and thereafter, an experienced sales executive gets in touch with prospects. Once a prospective car buyer agrees to an appointment, the sales person demonstrates auto products or services. So, it’s all about attracting consumers’ attention by knowing about their preference and persuading them in buying a vehicle.

There are several companies that assist dealerships by providing quality leads. In this article, we are, therefore, going to learn about some of the essential factors to help car sellers opt for the right auto lead services.

Keep Database Updated

Lead providers should have the habit of adding new prospects in order to keep the database up-to-date. It should not only be updated, but all information pertaining to potential clients should be systematized. The contacts details should be organized so that dealers can communicate with prospects immediately.

Communication Skills

Communication skills play a pivotal role in generation newer prospects, and converting them into customers. A lead generation company must have professionally trained employees who possess outstanding communication skills, and aware of techniques that really work. These professionals must know when to contact, and the most appropriate methods to manage rejections and objections. This way, these service providers help sellers save effort and time.


Companies that offer prospect generation services generally have ample knowledge, skills, and experience. This is the reason you must look for firms who are in the automotive sector for quite a long time. The company should have employees who are experts when it comes to vehicle marketing and sales. By choosing a specialized service, you will be able to manage your auto sales campaign in an effective manner.

Efficient and Strong Customer Service

The manner in which a lead generating provider supports consumers affects the outcome of the services. Prospects should be kept well-informed, especially about the progress of the sales campaign. To be candid, the firm must be an expert when it comes to offering tips, ideas, and suggestions. Information should be provided as to improving the impacts of promotion and marketing, the market situation, the strategies that work, and the method of identifying buyers who are sure to buy a car from your dealership. All of this calls for a strong and efficient customer service department. The customer service professionals should work round the clock to answer all queries related to automotive leads.

Use of Advanced Tools and Techniques

Lead generating business is driven by advanced working methods and techniques. Latest and technologically advanced tools should be used to convert prospects into well-paying clients. The provider must know how to accelerate the process, and deliver quality leads.

When looking for service providers, dealers are advised to keep in mind the above mentioned factors to improve the sales graph. Do you have any questions? If so, please comment.

Car and Auto Detailing to Boat Detailer or Yacht Cleaning

As the Founder of The Detail Guys, a mobile auto detailing franchising company often folks will shoot me an email to ask me a question after reading one of my articles online or in an Industry Trade Journal.

Recently I was asked if it made sense for someone with lots of boating experience who wished to become a Boat Detailer if he should start his business cleaning boats or start with cars first and move into boat detailing later?

Impressive question indeed and yes well this is definitely thinking ahead as one prepares their business plan. Going from Detailing Cars to Boats is an easy transition and it makes sense; although, boat detailing is much different. There are nautical personality types and there are those who are not.

If you are a nautical type then it might makes sense to do both. Why turn away work, but if you have enough business in boats, well, you would not have time for cars anyway. Someone who can talk the marine language indeed is much more likely to have many customers. Having started out in aviation, I just do not see how a non-aviation person could build their business at an airport without that knowledge.

Same is true with the nautical personality displacement. Of course in wintertime you could still refurbish and hibernation services and in the summer you would extremely busy, but chances are you might also like to be out on the water, catch 22. In aviation, I loved to fly not clean the aircraft, but I loved aircraft so it was fun to be cleaning them when I was not flying. You learn a lot by doing these things of course.

The skills needed to clean boats are different, more advanced and more difficult in the marine industry than the automotive industry. Many auto-detailers have a tough time with gel coats and glass, and do not know a thing about corrosion, teak or metal type cleaners and often spin their wheels.

Motivating Auto Detail Shop Employees

Prior to retirement I’d set up a mobile detailing franchising company, and over the years I’d learned that auto-detailers take their trade and craft very seriously. Most treat it like an art more than a science, and I understand that, and so would you if you detailed cars to perfection and show room quality for a living. We all know that auto detailing isn’t a rocket science, but maybe it should be closer to a science than an art, without destroying the finesse and talent it takes to get there.

Now then, I’ve sat in seminars and listened to automotive detail experts and gurus explain how to turn a detailing shop into a production line. And, Winslow Friedrich Taylor, the grandfather of modern management, is in my family tree, and he believed in paying people piece-meal, paying people for each unit completed, rather than a salary or per hour. That makes sense for a mobile detailing shop, and you must have goals for your production, so that you don’t waste any of your bays, or any of the time during the week, and still have maximum output.

Granted, all of these things are important however when you are dealing with artists who really care about the detailing, and pride themselves in perfection, something that your customers also desire, then the last thing you wish to do is alienate them. If you push your detailers too hard, or chisel them on the amount of money that you pay them for each car they detail, they may get upset when you give them a “dog” or a totally trashed car when another detailer gets a car which is already in pretty good shape, and each person gets the same amount of bonus for each unit completed.

They won’t find this to be unfair, and the “dog” could take them twice or three times as long to do a perfect job, and being a perfectionist they won’t quit until it’s perfect. You need to have some sort of a bonus system so when someone gets a really ugly car that is totally trashed, they get a few extra bucks. You should also take “before and after pictures” and put those in the lobby with the individual’s name under it, to show how great their work is. I used to introduce them to the customer and have them thank the detail directly and perhaps even give them the tip and request them next time.

Motivation should not only be based on money, there should also be for rewards for performance, perfection, professionalism, and production. I hope you will please consider all this because it’s important, and it’s also the fair way to play it. Think on it.

Car Detailing Your Own Car

Take it from a 27-year veteran of the auto detailing industry when I tell you that detailing your car can be made a lot easier if you follow a few secret tips. For instance if your car is hot inside then do not to spray cleaner directly on the Plexiglas which covers your instrument panel because you can make it haze up and cloud or ruin it.

You need to follow the manufacturer’s label on the back of all automobile detailing products whether you buy them at Wal-Mart or you order them all online at a special professional automotive detailing web site. Detailing your car can be very easy or you can make it very difficult and actually damage your paint or interior.

If you do not follow the directions when putting on the wax you may find it very hard to get off and therefore you end up putting scratches in your paint when you are trying to protect it. Also some people put on tire dressing way to much and then they drive down the road and it slings legs off onto the side of the car and therefore gathers dust immediately and then it looks even worse.

Another problem is whitewall cleaner; if you end up spraying it on the center caps of your rims or hubs you may take off the plastic coating and ruin the wheels. There are many things to be careful of when detailing your car and it makes sense to pay attention and follow directions and learn the secret tips or hire a professional auto detailing specialist to do it for you. Please consider all this in 2006.

Auto Sales Training

Considering that 8 out of 10 clients on your lot want to buy a vehicle the same day, you want to be the auto salesperson that decides to sell it to them. Getting, keeping and closing the sale are your goals. SO here are a few tips to help you hone those skills.

Tip #1 Get To Know Your Client

Asking the right questions can make or break the relationship you are trying to build with your customer. Salespersons that stand around with other salespersons and are unavailable to customers never make the sales. Look at your top earner: does he or she stand around with no contact with clients? In order to get their trust and their sale, you have to have a line of communication open. Ask about who the vehicle is for, what business they are in, and if the car will be used for business or pleasure. This will not only help you find out about qualifying information such as credit and price ranges, but will help you to guide the client to the car they want.

Tip #2 Auto Sales Books

There are many books available such as manuals and inventory sheets at your lot. These can be used to help you learn the inventory, as well as the options on each type of vehicle. If a customer asks you what type of car will get the best gas mileage, you don’t want to stand there with your mouth hanging open, so have an answer. Look over the information and get some hands on experience. This will give you the opportunity to practice your presentation and demonstration of the options as well.

Tip #3 Auto Salesperson Secrets

Many of the salespersons at your company will give you ideas and tips on how to do your job. But remember that this is your job, and you have to come up with your own way of feeling comfortable and making the sale. Make sure to keep your client comfortable and always guide the conversation. If you let the client guide the conversation, you may end up with more objections than you can overcome. Answer all the questions you can, and be honest. Clients make your pay, so don’t ignore their concerns or they will walk away.

Tip #4 Wrapping It Up

Clients normally voice objections during the closing of the sale. You may hear that the spouse needs to be involved or the price is too high to afford. Offer the use of your office phone to contact the spouse, and if the price is too high, there are other vehicles that have fewer options available for a lesser cost. Give the customer no reason to leave; because once they are gone, the sale is too.

Atten: Car salespeople. Mak has many more tips and strategies. Get his free 5 part mini e-course on automotive sales training. It’s a must read car sales training course to help you profit more from car business.

How to Make Your Online Campaign Successfully

A helpful automotive direct mail marketing tip can make your campaign successful. This is the most commonly read direct mail today. According to an article in DM News, a survey showed that as many as 73% of the car buyers today respond to the direct mail. This is one of the main reasons why most auto manufacturers and dealers today use this marketing method.

Advantages of Using Direct Mail There are several different advantages of using this type of marketing for the automotive business. Automotive campaigns that use this avenue can be tailored so that they can fit in with any kind of budget. Direct mail can be very simple postcard or it can be a complex brochure kit, according to the budget that you have. Automotive direct mail marketing tip that is very effective is to use it in such a way that it would support your business and it would also provide you a cost effective method to bring in more clients. Most companies that deal in direct mail offer price breaks with an increase in volume. If you mail more, you would be able to save more per piece. The volumes of automotive direct mail can be scaled up and down very easily to coincide with the budget limitations.

Some Helpful Tips Like any other type of marketing, direct mail can also be successful if used the right way or it can fail if not used the correct way. If you research, plan and execute it well, it is possible to enjoy its many benefits. The first helpful tip is that you should be very careful while deciding between letters and postcards. For every business, the answer would be different but you can always base the decisions on relevant statistics and on the best practices. With this type of marketing, the list of customers is much more than just a way to reach audience. The list is actually your audience and your success will depend largely on the accuracy and the relevance of the mailing list. It is very important to find and select the best mailing list for marketing.

Other than selecting a good mailing list, it is also very important to decide on the contents of the mail kit. Whether you want it to be just a letter, coupon, inserts or brochures or if you want a combination of them has to be decided. Knowing how much will be enough and how much will be too much is very important. The message that you deliver is also very important and the right copywriting can make your campaign successful. If you use the above mentioned automotive direct mail marketing tip, then it will not be difficult to be successful.

Repairing With New VS Old

Car repair is never an easy or even affordable event to go through. More then likely that damaged car is the only source of transportation you have so this can be especially frustrating. You will be faced with many decisions as you strive to get your beloved car serviced and one of those will be using new parts or old parts.

While you may want to jump to the new and shiny equipment first, a comparison should really be made. Often times, going with something else will save you hundreds of dollars while providing the same, if not better performance. First, let us take a look at these “new parts”

Original Equipment Material or OEM is used far more often by mechanics instead of just saying new parts. OEM parts and equipment are not necessarily built by the company that constructed the car, but by the company that created the parts in that car. Many find OEMs preferable without giving any real thought to why. Often times, Aftermarket equipment will run far less then OEMs in price range and may even provide a higher quality product. Aftermarket materials are created by other companies and are still considered new.

On the other hand, “old” parts and material will be much more affordable then either OEMs or Aftermarkets but due to the stigma attached to these parts they are overlooked or rejected. These old parts are recycled or remanufactured from previously owned vehicles. These parts and materials are called Like Kind Quality, or LKQs. The LKQs will come from a vehicle that is the same year, model, and make as yours and have the same quality as OEMs. The only difference between this and other types are that LKQs are not new and have been previously used and restored. Since LKQs were previously owned and used there may be minor visual blemishes or differences.

Many car owners want only the best and believe that only OEMs can satisfy this. However, there are many considerations to keep in mind as you make such a decision.

Now, you need to be aware that your Insurance Company will probably make the final decision for you. Insurance companies prefer LKQs to that of OEMs, though some will compromise for Aftermarket material. The reason for the preference for LKQs is cost. LKQs are often far more affordable and provide the same function as other parts. To the car owner, this may be unacceptable as they want the newer part. While owners can choose to go with the OEMs they will probably not be reimbursed for the expense.

You may also want to consider the car’s age and overall health. Unless the car has a significant sentimental value to you, it is never advisable to pay more for a repair then what the car’s overall value is. For older model cars, an OEM can cost far more then the Blue Book value so settling for a LKQ just makes since. If, the car is a classic or means something special to you, OEMs will be a sound investment.

No matter what type of vehicle you own, when you take your car into the repair shop you will be faced with this decision. Mitsubishi repair, general truck repairs, and even motorcycle repairs can used either new or old parts.

Online Motorcycle Mechanic Degree

People on motorcycles are depicted in a variety of ways like dangerous and suave. However, these depictions would not be as apparent in our society without the ability to ride a motorcycle. The individuals who keep motorcycles running do so with an education. Many accredited online colleges and universities offer degree programs in motorcycle mechanics.

Professionals in this field gain specialized training to repair and maintain motorcycles, dirt bikes, mopeds, and other vehicles that have a small engine. Prospective students will gain numerous skills in this industry that include:

  • inspection
  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • repair

These tasks include working on every aspect of a motorcycle from the brakes to the electrical units.

There is no certification or educational requirement to work in this field but earning an education significantly increases the likelihood of obtaining a job within the industry. Interested individuals have a number of options to decide from when selecting a program of study. The trend within the field is to gain either a certificate or an associate’s degree. Both programs will properly prepare a student to enter the industry with the skills necessary for a successful career. Typically, individuals who hold an associate’s degree hold more advanced positions and on average make a larger salary. Let’s look at both of these program options so you can gain a better understanding of what is required of a student in this program and you can decide which option would be fit your career goals.

A student interested in a certification program should look for one labeled as either motorcycle technology program or motorcycle repair technician program. Certificate programs specifically focus their coursework on service and maintenance of motorcycles that have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine and brake system. Certificate programs can run around 36 weeks and will require students to complete an internship to complete the program. Course topics could include

  • ignition systems
  • electrical systems
  • fuel systems
  • small engine repairs

With certification students will be able to obtain entry-level jobs.

Students interested in gaining an associate’s degree will find a number of colleges offering this degree distinction. These programs are dedicated to immersing a student in the correct knowledge to teach them about American and foreign motorcycles. Other program subject areas will cover other small engine motors like snowmobiles, scooters, and all-terrain vehicles. The ultimate goal in a certificate program is to learn how to diagnose problem areas, make repairs, and install up-to-date computer components. At this level of education many colleges also provide business, computer, and accounting courses. Course topics can include:

  • mathematics
  • diagnostics
  • hydraulics
  • electronics

Schooling could take up to two years to complete a program at this level.

Don’t let your passion for motorcycles or engine repair go to waste. Search for online programs that offer a program that fits your schedule and career goals. Enter a fulfilling career by enrolling in an online motorcycle mechanic program today.

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Choosing the right motorcycle insurance is an important consideration for many motorcycle owners. This insurance can pay for medical bills resulting from motorcycle accidents, as well as for motorcycle repair costs. And motorcycle insurance can also cover any outstanding loans on the bike. In fact, if you apply for a motorcycle purchase loan, most lenders will require you to obtain insurance as part of the loan application process.

Motorcycle insurance can be expensive, but there are several things you can do to make sure that you get the best possible rate. First of all, decide the total dollar amount of coverage that you will need, as well as the deductible amount. Usually you will want to get coverage that includes yourself or another driver, passengers, custom equipment, collisions, uninsured motorists, and medical payments.

Your state may have minimum limits that you must meet, so be sure to be aware of those before you start pricing policies. And then get quotes from several different insurance providers so that you can do a price comparison and select the cheapest policy. You can do this by talking with your insurance agent, or by doing an online search for motorcycle insurance quotes.

Always make sure that you are comparing policies with the same amount of coverage and deductible values. Remember that a deductible is the amount you yourself will have to pay for each claim that you file before the insurance will pay anything. The higher the deductible, the cheaper the policy, but you must always be sure that the deductible is not so high that you wouldn’t be able to pay it if you had an accident.

And when you are applying for motorcycle insurance, it is very important that you are honest when you answer the questions on the application form. A few things that come into consideration when you are applying for motorcycle insurance are your age, riding experience, driving record, and details about your bike, such as value, power, age of bike, and any special modifications. If you do not tell the truth about these items you may find later that the insurance company will not make any payments on your claims, leaving you to pay all medical and repair costs yourself.

Another tip to save money on your motorcycle insurance policy is to bundle it with other insurance that you already have. For example, if you currently have insurance on your home or other vehicles, that particular company will likely offer you a significant discount on insurance coverage for your motorcycle.

It is also a good idea to take a motorcycle safety course. This will help you earn a discount on your motorcycle insurance because motorcycle companies feel an educated and trained rider who understands safety issues is less likely to make common mistakes or to indulge in reckless behaviors.

Also most insurance companies will give you additional discounts if you are able to store your motorcycle being in a secure location like a garage or shed that reduces the chances of it getting hit, vandalized, stolen, or damaged by the natural elements. Even if you don’t have a building to store your bike in, you may be able to save money if it is parked in an area that is covered by a surveillance system.

Fitting your bike with high-end anti-theft accessories like disc locks, alarms, and satellite tracking is another way to save money on your motorcycle insurance costs. However, these devices themselves can cost several hundred dollars, so always check with your insurance company before purchasing them to make sure that the savings you will see in your insurance premiums will be worth the extra expense.

In addition, many insurance companies will give you an added discount if you won’t be riding your motorcycle during severe winter months when there is a higher chance of accidents due to poor road conditions. This is a great money-saving option for riders who live in the northern US. However, if you opt for this coverage, keep in mind that you won’t be able to take your bike out for a ride when a warm spell appears for a few days during the winter months.

Finally, keeping a clean driving record both in your motor vehicles and on your motorcycle will save you a great deal of money on your motorcycle insurance. Insurance companies love to reward those who have remained a low risk. They also want to keep your business. If you have paid your premiums on time for six months and have not have any claims or moving violations, then contact your insurance company and ask for them to review your policy for a lower price. Many insurance companies will automatically do this upon renewal of your policy, but if you have an annual policy then you should contact them after six months.